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Friction Factor

Friction Factor - Colebrook0.2534
Friction Factor - Modified Colebrook0.2535
Friction Factor - AGA NB-130.2536
Friction Factor - Weymouth0.2536
Friction Factor - Panhandle A0.2536
Friction Factor - Panhandle B0.2536

Friction Factor - Colebrook

Friction factor calculated for pipe roughness and Reynolds number; most popular equation for general gas transmission pipelines.

Friction Factor - Modified Colebrook

Modified Colebrook equation based on US Bureau of Mines experiments; gives higher pressure drop compared to original Colebrook equation.

Friction Factor - Weymouth

Does not consider pipe roughness; uses an efficiency factor used for high-pressure gas gathering systems; most conservative equation that gives highest pressure drop for given flow rate.

Friction Factor - AGA NB-13

Transmission factor calculated for partially turbulent and fully turbulent flow considering roughness, bend index, and Reynolds number.


Friction Factor - Panhandle A

Panhandle equations do not consider pipe roughness; instead, an efficiency factor is used; less conservative than Colebrook or AGA.

Friction Factor - Panhandle B